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Titan Leg Press Hack Squat Machine

Titan Leg Press Hack Squat Machine

Unleash your inner warrior with the Plate-Loaded Leg Press and Hack Squat Machine. Explicitly designed to develop glutes, quads, calves, hamstrings, and core abdominal muscles, all in one freestanding machine. This lower-body strength training machine, constructed from durable steel, features large diamond-plated footplates, comfortable support padding for the lower back and shoulder areas, undercarriage dual weight sleeves that fit Olympic-style plates, and a weight carriage traveling on commercial linear bearings with steel alloy guide rods. The wide diamond-plated footplate, mounted at the machine's base, allows various foot positions and angles to engage different muscle groups while hack squatting. The thick shoulder and back pads provide comfortable padding that will reduce strain and stress on your muscles as you bodybuild. The side rail handles dual as control handles and are set with three lockout positions to provide safety control and the option of different start/stop positions throughout either Leg Press or Hack Squat movements. To perform either exercise, fold in the handrails and when you are done with your set, fold them out to lock the carriage bar in place. Angled at 45-degrees, you can switch workouts in seconds by quickly flipping the back pad and dropping the leg press footplate for Hack Squats and vice-versa to return to a Leg Press position. This dedicated 2-in-1 machine is designed to accommodate athletes of all sizes and is the ultimate lower body strength training machine that combines leg press, hack squat, forward thrust, and calf raises.

- 2-in-1 Machine features Leg Press and Hack Squat positions
- Sled weight carriage travels on a 45-degree angle
- Safety handrails for complete control and easy bailout
- Dual loadable weight posts fit Olympic weight plates
- Dual weight plate storage holders for easy plate access
- Comfortable and adjustable back pad/footplate angle
- Both back pads utilize a quick flip-and-lock mechanism
- Three lockout positions for both hack squat and leg press exercises
- High-quality steel construction for a solid, stable design
- Non-Slip diamond plated footplates
- Rubber non-skid feet to prevent sliding of the machine

Overall Height 53-in.
Overall Length 84-in.
Overall Width 40-in.
Leg Press Footplate Dimensions 21-in. x 15-in.
Leg Press Back Pad Dimensions 10.5-in. x 31-in.
Hack Squat Footplate Dimensions 26-in. x 22-in.
Hack Squat Footplate Positions 4
Hack Squat Shoulder Pad Spread 7.5-in.
Hack Squat Shoulder Pad Dimensions 4.5-in. x 8-in.
Hack Squat Back Pad Dimensions 20-in. x 15-in.
Weight Post Sleeve 11.25-in.
Storage Post Sleeve 11.75-in.
Weight Post Diameter 49 mm
Finish Powder-Coated Black
Upholstery Material HeftyGrip Vinyl
Frame Material Steel
Carriage Bar Weight 115 lb.
Weight Capacity 1,000 lb.
Product Weight 325 lb.
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