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Titan Muay Thai Pads

Titan Muay Thai Pads

The Muay Thai Pads from Titan Fitness® features a long-lasting leather build and comfortable thick padding which will maximize your training experience.

True athletes know it best – you need to perfect your form, and that means eliminating excuses and training as often as you need. Take these durable, Muay Thai Pads from Titan Fitness® to your home and open up a world of fitness opportunities. Their long-lasting leather build and comfortable thick padding will maximize your training experience, and allow you to work on your stance as often as you need. Practice efficient shielding against all eight limb strikes, including elbow strikes, push kicks, and knee strikes. Switch with your workout partner anytime! Since these pads are built to maximize protection, you can unleash your merciless blows – guilt-free!

The shock-absorbent materials make these pads a must for athletes of all skill levels. These pads have a slight curve in their design to help with this absorbing effect, and their tough straps and heavy-duty handles can withstand the test of time for even the most intense workout routines. If you want to train like the best, add these durable pads to your collection and be free to build your body and form anytime, anyplace, any day. And you can finally say goodbye to those excuses.

BUILD YOUR FORM: Train at home, at the gym, or anywhere you desire with these durable Muay Thai Pads. Practice your stance and perfect your form with tough padding designed to absorb shock and minimize discomfort.

PRACTICE THE ART OF EIGHT LIMBS: These pads are designed to defend against all eight limb strikes – Muay Thai training includes elbows and knees: for a full-body attack strategy that maximizes your arsenal.

PRACTICE WITH A PARTNER: Build your defenses using the pads yourself, then switch with a partner to perfect your offense. These pads will effectively shield your opponent from your blows, so you can unleash absolute hell on earth – guilt-free!

DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: These tough pads can last for years with proper care and use, and come with thick straps to securely fasten to your hands. The heavy-duty handle adds to this stability and helps keep your workout safe and efficient.

DIMENSIONS: The Muay Thai pads are 14-inches in overall height, with a total width of 8-inches. The pad thickness measures at 3.5-inches and each pad individually weighs 2-pounds.

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