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Titan Power Tower with Bench

Titan Power Tower with Bench

The Power Tower Bench from Titan Fitness® combines our classic Power Tower with several useful home gym add-ons, featuring five workout stations to develop the muscles in your chest, shoulders, and biceps. This space-saving design is perfect for maximizing your home gym potential.

VERTICAL KNEE RAISE STATION: Strengthen your abdominal muscles by locking your grip to the vertical hand bars and rest your forearms against the arm pads, raise your knees to your chest to target your core, hip flexors, and quads.

VERSATILE PULL-UP STATION: Improve your functional strength with the multi-grip pull-up station that helps target your lats, back, and biceps by performing multiple reps. NOTE: A close grip will engage your biceps, while a wide grip will focus on your lats and back.

BUILT-IN DIP STATION: Develop upper-body strength with the built-in horizontal dip bars extended out from the forearm frames. Using your body weight to focus on your chest and triceps, adjust your body's angle to isolate these core muscles; the more profound your angle, the more you will engage your chest.

PUSH-UP STATION: The built-in elevated push-up station features molded handgrips that allow you to target your chest and shoulders. NOTE: Keeping your arms close to your sides targets your triceps or position yourself in a broader pose to isolate your chest.

FLAT BENCH STATION: The built-in foldable flat gym weight bench features a comfortable leather exterior that allows you to perform bench presses, pullovers, rows, and other flat bench routines. Additionally, the station comes with two J hook pegs and three height choices.

Overall Height 86-in.
Overall Length 76-in.
Overall Width 40.25-in.
Bench Height 20.5-in.
Bench Length 43.5-in.
Bench Width 9.75-in.
Pull-Up Bar Diameter 1-in.
Hand Grip Length 4.75-in.
Hand Grip Diameter 1.168-in.
Arm Pad Dimensions 12-in x 5-in x 1.5-in.
Finish Powder-Coated Black
Material Steel
Weight Capacity 350 lb.
Product Weight 83 lb.
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