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Titan SquatMax-MD

Titan SquatMax-MD

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SquatMax-MD is an innovative belt squat machine that provides an optimal free-weight squat experience, effectively targeting the entire lower body musculature with scientifically proven benefits.

SquatMax-MD by Titan Fitness is a cutting-edge belt squat machine that offers an optimal free-weight squatting experience. Unlike other anchored pulley systems, the SquatMax-MD provides a vertical line of force, keeping the weight load centered under the hips. This ensures an optimal and authentic squatting motion, effectively targeting the entire lower body musculature. With proven scientific research backing its benefits, SquatMax-MD is the perfect solution for those seeking an exceptional belt squat experience.

Vertical Line of Drive

The machine's patented design centers the weight load beneath the lifter's hips, creating a direct vertical line of drive. This ensures effective muscle engagement for lower body strength. Unlike other belt squat systems, the SquatMax-MD lets lifters engage their core while maintaining proper alignment. This builds lower body power without stressing the shoulders, spine, and lower back, enhancing core strength and stability.

Reduced Risk Of Injury

The Vertical Line of Drive alignment reduces spinal shearing forces and the risk of lumbar disc herniation, maintaining a neutral pelvic and lumbar position. In barbell squats, the spine supports both the barbell's weight on the trapezius muscles and the body's weight, compressing intervertebral discs. The SquatMax-MD diverts the load from the spine, reduces spinal pressure and is an excellent option for lower body training.

High Quality Construction

Crafted with precision from high-quality materials, the SquatMax-MD features a robust 11-gauge steel frame, 48mm weight sleeves, and 32mm knurled handles. The SquatMax-MD design accommodates weights up to 1,000 lb on the nylon belt and 1,300 lb on the loading pin, while the polyurethane vinyl cushioned seat enhances comfort and versatility, making it an ideal choice for impactful lower-body strength training.

US PATENTS #8,961,375 and #10,729,927

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