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Titan X-3 Series Adjustable Monolift

Titan X-3 Series Adjustable Monolift

The Adjustable Monolifts utilize the pin and hook attachment for simple and easy installation and features nylon liners on the jaw and bracket to protect your bar's knurling and uprights.

The Adjustable Monolift Attachment is a lift assist compatible with the X-3 Series Power Racks. Crafted with a J-hook-style mounting system, you can install the attachment to your rack within seconds. Easily clip the mounting system into the uprights by inserting the pin and rotating the lift down. No hardware is required. Designed with counterweight handles at the top, so when you lift a barbell off the lift, the hooks will swing back toward the rack and stay there. This feature clears up space so you can exercise in place without having to walk the bar out from over the J-Hooks. Re-racking is just as easy; a short lean forward re-racks the bar and returns to its original position. Reduce the possibility of injury and go for max reps with X-3 Series Monolifts!

NOTE: A monolift attachment does not replace spotters or proper technique. We recommend ONLY using a monolift attachment with a bolted-down rack or secured to the ground for safe use.

- Compatible with the X-3 Series Power Racks
- Fits on 3 x 3-inch steel uprights
- J-hook style mounting system with a quick pin to prevent from rotating
- The drop-away design keeps you in control of your squats
- For use inside Power Rack in conjunction with spotter bars for a safe lifting environment
- Stop bolt keeps the counterweight arm in place during adjustment for ease of use
- Nylon liners on the jaw and bracket protect your bars knurling and uprights
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